Christian Counseling Certificate
Program Overview

The Christian Counseling Certificate (CCC) consists of four 3-credit courses for a total of 12 units. It provides short-term training on several fundamentals of congregational care for a diverse group of leaders.

♦ Program Learning Outcome 1

Scripture: Demonstrate accurate knowledge of Scripture, a strong exegetical approach to Scripture, and competence in appropriate application of the biblical text.

♦ Program Learning Outcome 2

Service: Demonstrate the capacity to serve contextually the mission of Christ, embracing the concept of servant leadership.

♦ Program Learning Outcome 3

Spiritual Formation: Demonstrate increasing awareness of the presence of Christ and an increasing conformity to the character of Christ with a perspective of the priesthood of all believers.

Program Requirements

Principles of Soteric Counseling *Required

This course is an introduction to the principle areas, problems, and concepts of Soteric counseling. It will be taught from an apostolic frame of reference.

Principles for Couples Counseling

This course is an introduction to various approaches for providing couples counseling in the church setting. The course will focus on teaching a biblical conceptual model for understanding marriage and how dysfunction occurs and provides short-term methods and techniques to assist couples in crisis.

Counseling Principles for Financial Stewardship

This course examines financial stewardship from a biblical perspective. The focus is on the modern world and the desire to satisfy wants regardless of the cost, and the destructive behaviors to which many find themselves addicted. The solution utilizes biblical principles that identify behaviors and create pathways to financial control, thus helping to develop financial freedom while keeping God at the center of the process. Major topics include identifying destructive and addictive behaviors, handling finances during personal struggles, preparing for future needs, and managing finances to be a blessing to the kingdom of God.

Counseling Principles for Grief and Loss

This course examines theories of grief and loss across the lifespan. The focus is on the experiences of loss, grief and bereavement as viewed by individuals, families and loved ones. Major topics include dying and bereavement, separation from a relationship, loss of a job, effects of a disaster, declines in functional health, acute illnesses and chronic diseases. The role of spirituality in the coping process is explored in order to increase the student’s ability to implement Christ-centered faith modalities while mentoring or counseling with those who have experienced loss.

Principles for Addiction Counseling

This course covers issues, challenges, and effective treatment strategies for people who are struggling with addictions. Students learn about current neurobiology research that supports the concept of addiction treatments and complete case study exercises based on clinical knowledge.