Apostolic Foundations Certificate
Program Overview

This program supports students as they grow in spiritual formation, apply biblical principles to their lives, defend their beliefs, and fulfill the mission of Christ through service. It consists of four courses (12 college credits), which can apply toward a degree.

Program Learning Outcome 1

Spiritual Formation: Demonstrate increasing awareness of the presence of Christ and an increasing conformity to the character of Christ with a perspective of the priesthood of all believers.

Program Learning Outcome 2

Biblical Principles: Incorporate biblical principles to strengthen a Christian worldview.

Program Learning Outcome 3

Defense of Beliefs: Provide a rational defense of the Pentecostal ethos.

Program Learning Outcome 4

Service: Demonstrate the capacity to serve contextually the mission of Christ, embracing the concept of servant leadership.

Program Requirements

Biblical Principles

In this course, students discover an overview of Scripture and examine ways in which the whole corpus is integrated to become a single book. Emphasis is placed on the major themes, key scriptures, and major personalities of each book. Students will recognize the Bible as a Pentecostal book.

Leadership Formation

This course focuses on the dynamics of leading healthy, growing churches and ministries. Students will explore various components of leadership including: 1) meaning of leadership; 2) spiritual leadership; 3) visionary leadership; 4) managerial leadership; and 5) leadership skills.

Theological Essentials

In this course, students distinguish, defend, apply, and teach foundational theological topics and key doctrines, of the Christian faith including salvation, the Godhead, holiness and end times.

Intercultural Studies

This course explores basic understandings of the field of missiology and delves into the two basic aspects of the Great Commission: the apostolic and theological mandate. Students will study how to correctly contextualize the Gospel on the foreign field. Students will be expected to put theory into practice during the course.