Christian Faith: What We Believe
Wilson University, in its endeavor to bring authentic education to its students, which, in turn, can provide genuine hope to the peoples to whom they minister, shall forever maintain the Bible as its primary and foundational textbook.  Because human hope—as well as treatment of all seminal questions and issues of ultimacy—are found therein, all courses of study and classroom activities, as well as the conduct of the entire university, shall be in harmony therewith.

The university is founded upon the truth that:

The Bible is a revelatory, divinely inspired, inerrant book. It is the only written document that contains the full and final revelation of God’s provision and will for man.

God, the Father of all, is revealed to man in the person of Jesus Christ, who is the incarnated revelation of God to mankind as presented in the Bible. Jesus Christ reconciles mankind from historic estrangement from God. A way is thus provided for reinstatement of man to his rightful place as the bearer of the image of God. This reinstatement is salvation.

By this reinstatement of relationship “all things become new.” Through this reinstatement, new dignity is attached to all things, including, God, others, work, and self.

The University embraces the lordship of Jesus Christ and further believes that the apostles revealed the mind of Christ. The consequence of this belief is that their teaching on any matter takes precedence over what may have been or may be taught by churches historically or currently.

It is the mission of the church to make known to all this gracious provision and also to:
- Make known how one can appropriate these benefits to oneself and avoid negative judgment on one’s life.
- Provide guidance for exploring and grasping the meaning of life and world and one’s relationship to this world.
- Supply a place for fellowship, encouragement, nurturing, course corrections, and ongoing assistance and instruction.
- Make known the ongoing importance and ultimate benefits of adherence to a life transformed in Jesus Christ.

The above brief statements involve an entire worldview as broad as life itself. As a result of their breadth, these statements have many implications and conclusions.  It is the role of Wilson University to provide insight and understanding, to shed light on these seminal truths of life itself, and to equip graduates to minister this hope to their world in a healthy and optimally beneficial way.