Success Coaching

Supporting Students from the First Class through Graduation

A Success Coach is a go-to person to guide, mentor, and support students from start to finish. They are here to listen as students navigate through the ups and downs of being a college student. Success Coaches will pray with students, and lead them toward spiritual transformation. They support students’ pursuit of purpose and God’s will in their lives.

Jill Lewis
Meet Jill Lewis, your dedicated Student Success Coach at Wilson University. With a passion for guiding students towards their goals, Jill is here to support your journey through various programs including the LEAP Certificate, the CCC Certificate, the Associate of Arts in General Studies, and the Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministry. Whether you're navigating academic challenges, setting career aspirations, or seeking personal growth, Jill is your partner every step of the way. Have questions or want to chat? Schedule a virtual meeting with Jill using the link below and unlock your potential with her expert guidance. Your success story starts with Jill Lewis.
Kendra Stephens
Meet Kendra Stephens. With a deep commitment to your educational journey, Kendra specializes in guiding students enrolled in the AFC Certificate and Hope Corps programs. Whether you're striving to excel academically, explore career pathways, or enhance your personal development, Kendra is here to provide unwavering support. Ready to connect? Schedule a virtual meeting with Kendra using the link below and take that crucial step towards achieving your goals. Your success story begins with Kendra Stephens.